21 November 2011


Figured I should give this bloggie some life and upload some random pictures I took in the past year! heheh. Ultra random I know but what can I do? I'm too free.

Random photo of my affirmation cards from Tuao 2010! Ok speaking on tuao, this year's team isn't so bad after all. At least I have good friends in the team and anyway the main point's not going there to party with your friends, right? Only left with one problem now and I will never know how to solve it :( Just gotta keep praying sighhh.

Back in... some month when sister and I sat in coffee bean eating cheese cake and drinking ice blended lemonade after shopping at H&M, and then me crashing her careteam 8)

Liqing's birthday party!

Green tea frappe *_* Never liked Starbucks cos everything was coffee and I HATE coffee but now I love Starbucks because of this heheh. Took this when I went to 'study' for chem MCQ with Cheryl and Gladys! Ended up talking about rubbish (as usual) and looking at the tumblers in Starbucks for half an hour and walking out without even buying any.

Clearing my room.... it's still not done but I gave up anyway. I can continue when we I come back from Philippines and Europe. But it was nice going through my stacks of papers. Found my unsigned result slips from the past year, my O level cert for chinese (LOL), NYAA cert, and my 7 straight A1s for chem revision tests \m/

While I was waiting for the rest to finish 11am service... striped wally shirt from some random blogshop, envelope clutch, mustard skirt and shoes from Bugis and sister's (cough) blazer from Korea, with Patric sleeping next to me. Crazy guy was having a high fever but didn't want to go home cos his birthday was the next day (today) and he didn't want his family to worry. Aww.

Practice ytd was fun I guess. Skipped lunch and almost died halfway hahaha. Crashed Cheryl's careteam after that (forever crashing careteams and not going to my own zzz) and ended up snacking on potato chips D:

Headed over to Gladys' house after that to celebrate Rachel's birthday! Been talking to her so much heheheh  . Wish I could post the picture of her window (and the words on it) here but it's a secret soooooooo I can't but it was so funny it made me laugh for like 20 minutes straight. Took lots of other stupid photos but you can find them on facebook heheh. The last two photos were taken in her toilet! Prettiest toilet I've ever stepped into hahaha (that and I look nice in the mirror)

Haha had our girlytalk for about 10 minutes while reading _____'s letters to Gladys before going home again. Gladys is such an inspiration even though she's younger than me ♥

K I think I'm done with my random postttt. Can't wait for Europe and Tuao! Trying to lose some weight now and gain some muscle before going overseas. Food is so nice in Tuao but controllllll controllllllllll. I'll get sick of the food in Europe after a few days so I'll just eat all I want then. Haha. (This is a lie. I never get sick of food)

Anyway I think mummy was right -- I actually kind of miss studying :/ Or rather, having something to do. Right now my mind is forever floating in the clouds. Zero worries and sense of urgency to anything D: Starting work tomorrow but I'm so not looking forward to it haha. I don't even have a colleague that is not more than 30 years older than me zzz but this means more efficient weight-losing because I don't wanna eat lunch with them or by myself or anything. Hahaha.

Ok goodbye! Dental at 4. Can't wait to get this gross metal shit out of my mouth already but I have like 2 years to go. UGHHH.

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