26 November 2011

bake bake

Been working for the past week and it's so so boring hahaha but I get $$$$ so I will ENDURE!!!!! Anywayz I'll be flying away in less than a week O: 2011 passed so fast!!! But besides work my life has been a bit interesting recently.

Gladys and Rachel both came over to my house to bake rainbow cupcakes!
I shan't post pictures cos they were quite (yeah, quite) failures. Being the amateurs we are we totally messed up the cupcake mix or whatever you call it so we discarded the first batch and made a new one with rona che2's help. Over-beat it a little but they still taste good so yeaaaaah. And then Gladys felt it such a waste to throw the first batch away so we ended up trying to save it. Made cookie dough without remembering that we were using self-raising flour so we got tasteless cookie-shaped little muffin thingys which I threw away eventually. 8)

Went off for Tuao practice after that and reached 1 hour late thanks to our baking session. Finalised all the props and sang 2010 songs w/ G&R + Shawn/John/Veldas. Miss them sooooo muchhie muchie muchie. Went home alone cos they had to leave early. I'm always going home alone. It's either I get a lift from someone all the way home or I go home alone. 

And today!
Reached Olivia's house early for careteam (*cue gasps of amazement*) and waited for 15 minutes cos no one was at home (not even Olivia hahaha), ate breakfast and checked-in before going to bake our bittersweet molten lava chocolate cakes!

This one was good so it deserves pictures. Muahaha.

Say hello to my phone camera and its ability to take good macro pictures. hahaha.

So this explains the title of my post. I can't believe I actually baked twice in two days! I'm not a very bakey female cos I prefer to cook food (like, food) so I'm quite proud of the chocolate cake muahaha.

Class chalet on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and I'm still thinking if I should go!!! :( :( I want to go but I still want to work and earn moneh moneh moneh. Tuao sleepover is on Wednesday/Thursday toooooo omgggg. I'm going to be so tired when I finally get to Tuao hahaha. but at least I'm not lazing around at home.

Shall go on a super diet when I come back from Europe (can someone make an agreement for me to give him/her 100 bucks if this doesn't happen?) cos Tuao/Europe = a lot of weight gain. 

Oh oh oh oh oh WE GOT FREE TICKETS TO MAMA!!!!!!!!! so hopefully I don't completely lose my hearing on that day yeah. hahahaha.

Just watched xing and old u-kiss videos with sister and I misssss them so much :'(
U-KISS where did your innocence go.

K abrupt ending BYE.

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