11 November 2011


HELLO EVERYBODY or rather, myself hahaha.

I'm talking to gladys now about tuao 2010 and I miss how everything was one year ago during this period :( all our daily practices and sleepovers and talking about all sorts of rubbish, playing albatross games, meeting up to cab over to joseph's house-in-the-middle-of-the-jungle, trying to find the harmonisation for 'at the beginning', and then falling sick of the lariam pills (which i just got last sunday again ugh), singing at the airport, being stuck in manila for two whole days, going up the same escalator four times, eventually taking the bus to tuao and the life-changing adventure that followed

Our nightly debriefings, pigging out on cup noodles in the middle of the night, killing toads, setting them on fire, the talks we have every night before going to bed, waking up with bed hair and washing our faces outside and not caring how we look like, the three million photos we take each day, the vbs, rice planting, school painting, failed singing, the warm and fuzzy feeling when a little boy who doesn't even understand what you're trying to say runs up to you and hugs you, the home stay, singing karaoke at the villagers' houses, hiking up the mountain and everything else.

I miss the long girly talks I have with gladys every once in a while and it's so weird how when she was in our careteam i wasn't close to her at all but now that she's not we've become so close :'(

anyhow exams are almost over and I'm left with only 2 MCQ papers!! so glad I'm done with the crazy papers which were... well, crazy. not exactly confident for any of the papers! none of them were exceptionally good but there were some really bad ones :( but it's all in God's hands now so there's no point mulling over it now right? right? right right right?

Prom is next friday! Can't wait to see everyone dressed up and made up and different from the usual ponytail fringe up pinafore. Can see my friends giving stupid comments though cos most of them think i'm actually a guy and have never worn a skirt before.


oh hey it's three days later now but i couldn't bear to post what i typed above cos it seemed too short and i didn't want to waste a post HAHA.

anyhoo one more paper left! one more hour of sitting at my beloved 0151 desk doing a paper. (btw the shading boxes are so tiny i think the shading part was the hardest of all)

haha. met gladys and cheryl for lunch and 'studying' on saturday! super impromptu ahaha as a result of our random facebook chat in the morning. Ate at some unknown cafe called Romulus but my al-funghi pasta was heaeaaaavenly haha.

Went to starbucks after to meet cheryl and stayed there till evening! wanted to buy matching tumblers but couldn't decide on a design and gave up on the idea haha. What's new? we actually stood there for 15 minutes trying to agree on something but we never did.
Anyway missed bobby buddy and wishing her luck for her a levels! Sucks that all of us are in different stages of student life (LOL) so our exams all end at different times :( (gladys ended her eoys ages ago, i just ended my o's (ok not really), bobby's just started her a's and cheryl hasn't even started her exams yet).

Came home, rushed through dinner before heading out again to watch 2359 with the cousins! Scaaary


I concluded on a new dream I have. I'm going to see the aurora borealis one day

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