2 September 2011

That's where I'll always love you

"When we consider the blessings of God - the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even suffering - friendship is very near the top."

Donald W. McCullough

I have lots to post and and talk about but right now nothing could be more important than this hehe.
I have so much to be thankful for this week woots woots.

Teachers' Day Celebration yesterday and out with 6A07 people! ♥
Celebration was boring as usual cos they luurrrffff placing our class at the second floor where we (I) can't see aaaannnything so obv i didn't enjoy the perf.
Geog before celebration was okay. I just wanted to get over and done with it hahaha.

Went home with Tiffany, Chloe and Serina after school and played rubbish board games and card games till 5. Went to mummy's office for a while before finally meeting my favourite people who I haven't seen in a million years wheeeee. We were supposed to attend their mooncake festival thingo but the coupons were expensive and nothing looked very attractive so we decided to go to thomson plaza for dinner! But before that we sat in the middle of the field #likebosses and took lots and lots and lots and lots of photos.

Koped two photos from Junwei's FB but FB wasn't being nice and didn't allow me to copy the pictures straight off so I took screenshots which explain the like/comment thing in the corner which I am obviously too lazy to remove or do anything to.

Headed to Pizza Hut after the walkathon from aitong all the way to thomson plaza hahaha ^^v

Stayed at Pizza Hut until 9+ when the waiter chased us out hahahaha. Nobody felt like going home yet so we decided to go to the Kopitiam to talk and talk and talk. Ended up chatting s o m u c h and laughing till our jaws hurt. Best part was obviously when we were talking about all the stupid/crazy things we did back in 07. It seems like such a long time ago but I'm glad God put me in this nerdy smartypants class because almost no one has changed everybody is so preciouuuus. Not to mention talking to them about studies makes me feel SUPER GUILTY. crazy people are all topping their classes and schools.

I'm so thankful even after 4 long years we still meet rather frequently and are able to talk to each other so comfortably and have so much fun. Growing up together in ATS obviously made us.... idk, similar? (LOL IDK), especially our exaggerated hand movements and weird expressions that we use and super comical way of telling stories that people from other schools don't appreciate hahahaha ♥

Ok enough of 6A aka the best fwenz you could have.

Super thankful my prelims are almost over and I'm done with all my major papers! We're only left with science MCQs and maths.... and 52 days to O's dun dun dun dunnn~~~~

After my human geog paper I was totally YEYEYYEYEYEEEEAAAARGHGHGHGHHHHHHHYESYEYSYESSSSS hahaha but i need to wake up soon cos olevels are not even here yet ):
I can do this oh yeah.

Have been super inconsistent with QT and hopefully I can start againnnn booooooo.

Oh and ran ~5km with brother just now and I'm surprised I'm still alive and awake now! woots haha.

K have to wake up super early to get to Gillian's house on time tomorrow for careteam ): (I have to hop from red line to circle line and then to purple line. but good how Kovan is now only four stops from amk (Y)) and then after I'm going for the OFFICIAL 6A07 gathering ahahahaaha.
I half-hope we're watching movie cos I haven't watched one in monttthhhs and I want to watch Glee/Smurfs (which quanyi calls the 'BLUE MONSTERS' -_-).

ok goodnight.

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