26 August 2011

everybody knows you tried

So many things have happened (ok not really) and I'm still in the middle of my prelims but I can't upload pics/blog properly now cos I'm too busy (hahaha righttt) :B

U-kiss couldn't have released a better song at this time of the year. When I get my olevel results back I will listen to it and cry tears of joy/sadness (depending on my results...) hahahahaha.

Ok I have a lotttt I have to talk about because my life has been ~quite~ eventful lately.

k wow the last time I blogged was after farewell... that was a million years ago ;_;


Went for Joseph's one-month-in-advance farewell/birthday party on 20/07 and sent him on just four days ago.... yeah.
Anyway I really miss the Tuao team last year ;_; I can't seem to connect with the members this year but I guess by the time we'll be more bonded hahaha. but ngl I'm starting to develop negative feelings towards soooooomeone but I'll try to control control control control ok.

Anyway on monday when we went to send joseph off I ended school at 0930! so I managed to reach the airport by 12 (and his flight was at 2355 yah) so I studied for four hours straight before meeting the rest and going to popeye's to study more hahaha. But by then my brains were already fried so I couldn't take in much and decided to just slack in one corner.

I'm so glad I went to Tuao last year and got closer to these people ♥

Ok back to prelims!
Things haven't been going too well.....
but i don't know, I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Add math paper yesterday scared me because I thought it was difficult while everyone else felt it was an easy paper ;_;
Thought chem was okay at first as well but realied I made so many mistake after that, not to forget all my supercareless mistakes in my bio paper. siggghhhh.

I'm just screwing up one paper after another. So far I've never gotten the YESSSDONE feeling after any paper (ok i did for phy geog, then I realised I prob lost a lot of marks somewhere) ): ): ): ): ):

I obviously should be studying now but I don't want to hahahaha cos u-kiss just told me "Everybody knows you tried, everbody knows it's alright. You get some right, you get some wrong" .:. I conclude I have tried and it's normal to get some things wrong hehehehehehhee :B

going out to study later with sister woohooo but she's not awake yet so I will continue using the computer.

Replayed Someday a few million times already. Listen to it if you haven't! You will fall in love heheheh.

Oh yeahhhh I had a super good dream yesterday! If only it could come true 흑


조금 힘들어도 웃는 날이 와, 결국 웃는 날이 올꺼야 ♥

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