6 July 2011


Grace can't find her memory card reader so she will type this first ): She is feeling sad that she cannot find it but she believes she will one day. When she does she will feel happy.

Anyway school has been tiring but enjoyable so far so PTL for that! yay.
been talking more with my classmates (trying to say 'FISH' properly with braces/retainers) and stuff so I believe we have gotten closer over the past week (I keep typing BELIEBE ugh) haha.
Stayed back in school last friday to finish homework and till now I'm not even close to finishing my holiday homework. I'm hopeless.

Put my braces on Monday! The brackets are treating my mouth well but the wire is terrible ): cos my teeth stick out so the wire is also sticking out, and whenever I laugh or talk or sing my gums rub against the wire and there's a huge ulcer there now but... no choice meh.

Not exactly looking forward to my 9 tests next week but I know I can pull through. This week actually wasn't very stressful even though we had 5 tests haha. Got back my bio results and I'm totally demoralised now cos practically all the band 2 students got higher marks than the band 1 students. Suspicious...
Comforted myself with the fact that the papers were marked by different teachers and mr. lim was stricter.

But still, my biology is going down the drain I'm so terrible at it zzz and sometimes I ask myself why I still bother if I can never get good grades.
Now that I think of it, I was never very good at bio, mr lim just loves me too much and therefore I'm his "potential A1 student". Still feel like I'm letting him down each time I don't do well.

Weekend is ~quite~ packed so I don't have sufficient time to study!!! 9 tests is really crazy. First tuao practice is on sunday aftn, and then after that I prob have to go home myself from harbourfront -_- which will take me like 1 hour, and then I have math tuition with mummy at 4 until like 7.


Anyway was reading chermaine's blog and decided to read her blog posts all the way back in 2007! & I miss 6A'07 so much ;_;
Was thinking of how school used to be so fun and stress-free, playing catching in the field every recess, how I never needed to listen in class and passed notes/did stupid stuff all day, mcdonalds treats by ms tan, xxl and mrs khoo, class parties on childrens' day, crushing on trainee teachers (LOLOLOL don't ask for elaboration), being excited to go to school every morning so I can meet the "morning gang" and talk to them, writing in autograph books, playing the aeroplane game, uno and all that funk.

and I saw this!

we, the pupils of 6A.
pledge our love for the class.
to uphold chaos,
to ensure hens and chickens,
to respect ms tan?
to persevere tormenting shenyang :D
to be sincere to our dear class.
and together,

we, the pupils of 6A,
pledge never to forget this class.
to remember us always,
to keep us in memory,
to keep in touch with one another,
to ensure we dont forget,
to maintain no-cryness also.
and together,
meet up and share times of reminiscence with 6A again!

We were so cute please. and I love how we are still close even after four whole years :') One of the reasons why I actually want to go to a top JC is so that I can be reunited with these people. If I were to choose between HC and RI I will definitely choose HC (at this point of time la) cos my closest pri sch friends are all either in NYGH/HCI now.

and TBH I think I like HC more cos it's like aitong HAHA like chinese-y but not really chinese and stuff.

k if I don't sleep now I can actually forget about getting in at all. SIGHHHH super scared to aim for hc now cos I will be rly sad if I don't get in ): ): ):
I think for now I'm just gonna make sure I try my best and worry about what JC to go to when I get my results back. I AM TERRIFIED OF O LEVELS but I can't get my lazy butt to work harder.


Sorry for lack of pictures HAHA.

Walked around AMKHub for two whole hours today aimlessly. I actually went home first, felt bored and decided to go out. First time in my life I've done something like this lolol crazy. Ended up buying a leopardpreenz piece of cloth (honestly) and a turban headband from rubi. Wanted shoes so badly but I can't seem to find the perfect pair muahaha. The shoes in SG are all the saaaammmmeeee.

HAHA K GN really need to sleep or I diez tomoz.

luv u.

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