21 June 2011

I was so lost, and you seemed so far.


I'm back from church camp!
Which kind of made me realise how amazingly socially awkward I am ): Of course I cannot ignore the fact that I hardly have any close friends in class so I was a bit of a loner in school today.

I miss stephanie and aisyah ): which is one of the reasons I actually want school to start hahaha.
and so I can eat my seafood fried rice yum yum.

The separators in my teeth are making my mouth hurtttt soooo baaadddd but I guess it's all worth it in the end HAH.

Been thinking a lot since I came back from camp ): k just kidding when do I ever "think a lot".
but anyway!


I ~kind of~ got lazy yesterday so I'm only continuing this post today and I don't remember what was supposed to be after that "but anyway!"

but anyway! :B

School today was funnn even though we only had two hours of it. Luv it when I actually talk more with my other classmates. Was sitting in a circlish thing before mr.arasu came for history talking about teeth extraction hahhhah and braces. and licking your teeth after braces.

FAILED MISERABLY trying to do work yesterday sigh ): my chemistry just layyy in front of me untouched until almost 2am, and then at 2am I tried to ~make up~ for it by going to bed to do longer quiet time (hehe) but that didn't exactly happen either.


It's still lying in front of me asdfghjkl.
I shall aim to finish all my chemistry by today ): that is... 6 papers but MCQ is easy peasy hahaha.

Trying to make my prayers at night less of a ~routine~ and pray more for other pplz but I'm so lazy zzz. ZZZZZZZZZZ. WHY AM I A PIG.

Anyway I'm looking forward to Tuao this year! Last year's Tuao trip was an AMAZING experience. The people in the team are sooooo different from last year's but I'm still looking forward to another mind-blowing trip heheh.
Shall try my bestest not to use olvls as an excuse for not going for practices and careteam this semester.

I rly rly want shoes ):
rn I only have two million pairs of sneakers/loafers but only one pair of sandals which I wear every single time I go out cos yknow sometimes sneakers just don't match what you're wearing.

My two pairs of favourite shoes just broke apart and died so I can't wear them anymore ): ): ): ): ):
Oh and I cleared my cupboard today! Turns out I don't have as much clothes and it seems HEHEHEHEHEHE k who am I kidding. Need to save money.

Am actually looking forward to putting my braces on monday/tuesday hahahaha nice teeth here I come!

I am kind of disturbed by how I keep switching topics but I can't help it because I don't have anything to say and I have nofwens so I need to talk about all the random things in life that are happening now.

Sigh so jealous of sister and sue and anthea in korea and all the yumyum food they've been eating and the clothes and shoes they can buy there ):
Nvm I shall study hard and go overseas next time too!

I'm back again hehe. When I feel lazy and don't feel like typing anymore I just close the page and go away and come back later hahha.
anyway random thought.
I was looing at wedding photoshoots the other day and ♥-♥ I need to get married HAHAHAHA.
They look super fun to shoot and the pictures all come out so preeetttyyyy especially those overseas haha.

waking up at 4 to do mah chemistray.

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