11 June 2011


I suddenly have the mood to blog blog blog because today was a good day and hence I shall start all the way from campfire!

Somehow we weren't even half as kanchiong as the seniors in the previous years. I heard someone said our campfire was a mess but I feel it's as successful (very successful) as the previous ones. The back half of the hall was ~quiet~ because they were too far so yeaaaah THAT part was messed up. and the souvenirs too. We wrote serangoon GUIDES instead of scouts zzz -_-

Other than that, everything was fine.

Was jumping around and hugging people throughout the campfire and even went on stage to play a game (surprising for anti-social like me k).

Aisyah and I spotted a cuteboiz dancing to shock and aisyah pulled me to go take a photo with him LOL. turns out he's only sec 2 #pedo (and proud that he attracted us it's quite gross).
OH and while I was untying the poles on the benches and the cat high guys were helping out genevieve whispered to me that she found this ~particular guy~ cute and .:. that night I had to use my stalking SKILLZ to find him and I did MUAHAHAHAHA. forever proud of self.

Guides are the most desperate girls on earth srsly.

Celebrated my birthday at home with mango mousse/chocolate cake from the icing room heheh ♥ not very nice but it's the thought that counts HAHAHAHA.

Been doing my homework for the past week but nothing much has been done ): Plan to chiong during church camp but I have this feeling it's not going to work boohoo. I WILL TRY. Besides my room mate is a mugger taking her olvls this year too so I think we can do our work tgt! and cheryl offered to help me w my geog essays muahahaha.

Went out to meet pinkclouds on thursday and celebrated cordelia's birthday at fish&co.! (forevergoodfood) First time there and I'm SO SICK of fish and chips now.


Hersheys from liqing that contributed to the cough I'm having now ):

Went to GONGCHA and the rest bought bubble tea but I couldn't cos I was broke ):
Sat at some stonish table nearby and talked about everything under the sun (moon) and took pictures of boyfriend-lookalike cupcakes and danbo!

Went kiting with cousins at marina barrage! tracie che2 was supposed to come but she gave up waiting for the bus and went shopping instead LOL.

Look at the whale kite! supercoolz.

Cloud-filled sky!!! 8)

After that we went to the xinwang hk cafe place to have dinner and met mr. hershey's on the way!

I couldn't even smell/taste anything thanks to my crazy nose ): ): ):
Went to hershey's after that and tried smelling everything in the shop before I realised I could i don't know... rupture my nose blood vessels by taking in too-strong smells? I DON'T KNOW HAHA. so I decided to stop pressurising my poor nose.

Going crazy with cousin on the way home while playing with iFat Face or something. everybody should play with it. It brings joy to life.

and TODAY!

Was a bit ~siannnnn~ in the morning when I found out the only people going for X-MEN were 4 guys and NO GIRLS (besides me), but I wanted to watch X-MEN and I STILL have no idea how to get to joseph's house after going there regularly for... 6 months cos I always either get a lift from someone or take a taxi heheh.

and so I ended up watching it with the guys (I'm very disturbed by how some of my sentences start with a capital letter and some don't but it's too late to change everything now sigh ):).

Ate lunch at vivocity with a whole bunch of people (INCLUDING OTHER GIRLS WHO SAVED MY LIFE). Movie was supposed to start at 2:10 at PLAZA SING but we totally lost track of time. Ran out of vivo leaving my 3/4-eaten hokkien mee behind ): and being the only girl + lousy sandals, I died, but

It was a super good movie! Felt like sleeping during the fights and boombooms (as usual. BOOM BOOM BOOMS are like lullabies) but overall it was a good movie. This was my first time watching an x-men movie (HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEH LIVING UNDER ROCK) and it was... more enjoyable than expected? Never liked action movies so....

I want to watch Tangled/Enchanted again ):
Best two ~newer~ disney movies.

Hopped on a cab to Joseph's house but still reached there late hahahaha.
Started with check-in for the LAST SIX MONTHS which lasted for what felt like eternity I tell you and everybody had SO MANY THINGS to say. I didn't LOL. Just rambled on and on about random things in life zzz.

Bought six boxes of large pizzas and we finished it all! Best.

After dinner we split up into groups to talk, play monodeal and mario kart. Was playing mario kart and then switched to playing monodeal, got bored and went back to mario kart until 10pm.

and then in the middle of everything we had a accidentally on purpose "partial black-out" and buddy brought out a super nice and crunchy chocolate cake!
Was trying to figure out whose birthday it was when they suddenly sang the birthday song (four times -_-) for me (10 days late obv i wouldn't expect it).
and tbh I almost cried HAHAHAHA TOUCHING TOUCHING TOUCHED TOUCHED.(forevercrybaby)
and during check-in I was just telling everybody how I don't ever get presents on my bday LOL. YL said she was happy to hear that. Now that I think of it they were all quite obvious when I said it lor. All of them were like "HUH WHEN'S YOUR BIRTHDAY? OHHHHH HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY I DIDN'T KNOW!!!"
anyway TOUCHED.

later the other girls (except for cheryl) all suddenly left without me while I was being frustrated with Yoshi so I was left alone with cheryl joseph shawn and joel.

Joel's parents came and after seeing what a poor lonely thing I was living a whole world away from clementi I got a lift all the way back home from joseph kwahahahaha and cheryl too.

He is the scariest driver ever. I expected sister-style driving but we were FLYING over humps ok. Like riding in a mario kart. I expect brother to drive like that also.

Back home again today!

Need to start work again tomorrow before heading out to meet Gladys to prepare for the youth BBQ tomorrow (sigh busy busy) in the aftn.
and after much persuasion I'm going to Tuao again this year!

First time in a long time I've blogged so much O YEAH PROUD OF SELF.

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