14 April 2011



HI HI HI haven't seen this place in a long long nong nong long timeee.

I actually have nothing to say because my life is so unbelievably boring, but on 21st May all the boring-ness will fly away and I will become happy_gal_95.
8) 8) 8)

Exams are starting in another 2 weeks but I haven't started revising ANYTHING.
and I really want to shop even though I haz nuh moniz.

Anyway I've been a pig. On Saturday I went for careteam in the morning, came back ~12 and slept from like 2-630 and the only reason I woke up was because there was charkwayteow downstairs
... who can resist?
Lazed around on the mattress watching people play minesweeper till dinner time and then i went down to eat again.
and then after that.

I continued lazing around watching people play minesweeper. boom boom boom.
When we got bored lazing around I went down to eat 300calories worth of grapes.

and then on Sunday after church me sister liqing went to seoul yummy to eat... uh korean food. Finished a big bowl of kimchijjigae (how do i romanize this?) because...
who can resist? 8) I even helped liqing to finish her rice because uh yeah. (who can resist?)

Went mini window shopping after that before going to yami yoghurt again (gluttons) and AFTER THAT we drank gongcha (PIGS). Went over to yourwoul to give out/collect our CDs and then headed to macdonalds after that and ate fries + nuggets. Felt like I gained 90845 kg after that so decided not to have dinner BUT ended up eating leftovers at home (WHO CAN RESIST? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
oh but I didn't gain anything #happygalz4eva

School has been OK. Homework hasn't though, because I'm such a pig. Especially on thursdays, which is today actually. I don't exactly treat fridays (FRIDAY FRIDAY) as school days so thursday is actually like friday to me (FRIDAY FRIDAY) and who does work on fridays? O:(FRIDAY)
Fridays are just there for me to go to school with bangs (when i let down my bangs = not gonna study) and jump around being annoying. Because we usually only have 4 lessons on Friday and a 3hour lunch break but TOMORROW WE ONLY HAVE 3 LESSONS AND A 4.5HR LUNCH BREAK OH YEAHHHH.
Gonna come home from school, take a 30 minute nap and wake up pretending it's a brand new day and I never went to school.

Oh and we had our best geog lesson ever today. Not the "reality about our meat" part but the part where we actually got to watch junior masterchef. we somehow managed to convince mr fadzly that junior masterchef is educating because it teaches us about food geography and all that rubbish and so we paedophiles got to ogle at pierre who is 12. (you know i'm kidding) but he really is handsome!!!

Didn't do anything for maths lesson either cos half the class was gone but chem lessons went on as usual... as expected.

It's been a long time since I typed so much but hehehe anyway.


We had this papercrane folding interclass competition thing which almost all the sec4s were competing in (ok actually all classes are supposed to take part but most people have better things to do (:) and so I spent the past week folding cranes.. during class. and hopefully we win so 4/3 finally has something we can be proud of (hehe)

Anyway I'm starting to get really annoyed by some people which is bad bad bad bad bad because I don't like disliking people ):<
I can't stand it when I get back a test and I do badly and the person beside me goes "wah you get like that ah? then i sure fail already lor"
"oh my god why you get so low? I thought you very smart one!"

It's even worse if they get a better score than I do and I know they secretly feel so proud inside HAHAHA.

kk byebye i love you (like being ego talking to mahself) going to watch ohmyschool 8)♥

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