8 March 2011

swing like a butterfly sting like a beee~

new unhealthy obsession:

the song is so nice + they are so cute 8) 8) 8) ;_;

anywayzzz today was the last day of school!
I can't even summarise what happened in term 1 cos it flew by so quickly heheh which is a REALLY good thing because it means i'll be out of anderson soon (I might regret saying this idk but anyway).

I want to go shopping ):
I want all sorts of rubbish that I can't even wear like boots and leggings and everything else ): I was actually considering going shopping by myself like the loner I am but decided not to cos my eyes were giving me problems -___-oh speaking of which I just came back from the clinic and uhhh took my... eye drops and the bitter taste is o____________o but anything to cure my eyes ;_;

My life is so unbelievably boring I can't stand it zzz.
I can't remember how to blog.

first in class but zero sense of satisfaction ZZZ. yiling got 10 for her l1r5 and she's not even close to top. I got 16 and I'm top -_-
4/3 gives false hope ):

I want to do online window shopping (LOL) but the internet is being irritating ):


Tuao dinner on tuesday + youth fellowship + CIP during mar holidays. I really hope I have the discipline to study ):
At least I'm starting to enjoy (the thought of) studying and I NEED TO GO TO THE LIBRARYYYY.
The last time I read a book was in Australia -_-

going to centris tomoz hehehehehehehehehe. D

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