16 December 2010

TUAO 2010 ♥

Hello everybodyyyy I'm backkkkk!

I really miss Tuao though ): I miss the dirt roads, riding on the jeepney, the home visits, padi planting, gospel meetings, the people there, and definitely my team matessss ♥

Not going to do a fullll recount cos that'll be crazy. Besides I already wrote everything down in the mission booklet and I DON'T WANT TO WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN AGAIN (I know I can just copy la but I'm too lazy and nobody will read it)

Not going to post all the pictures cos that'll be crazy HAHHAHA I think we took at least 2000 pictures (I can't tell if this is an exaggeration). Anyway pictures koped from facebook from buddy and joseph so hahahah check out the albums here here & here!
Cheryl's pictures aren't up yet though she has the best camera (ahahaha).

Anyway what hit me most during the trip was really how happy the people there were. This sounds so cliche but I love how... happy they seem. Even though they wake up at 0430 everyday, most of them don't have fridges to keep food in, they don't have flushes, there's dung everywhere, their houses get destroyed by the typhoons, but they are still so happy (srsly my vocab is limited to LIDDAT ONLY), and their night sky is like *______________________*

and even with all that they are ALL so hospitable and nice AND faithful to God. So this trip really reminded me how lucky I really am (though I don't mind living there I think) and how undeserving of God's love we really are. Even though we are blessed with... uh so many things we take it all for granted (OH MAN THIS SOUNDS SO CLICHE ZZZ) so tuao really reminded me how we really have no no no no non o excuse to be unfaithful to God (ok there's never an excuse but anyway! you get me)

I'M SO THANKFUL for the team this year. Words cannot express how much I love them for being such an inspiration to me. All of them are SOOO amazing in their own ways.

I'm really glad I have YL as my buddy tooo cos she has taught me SOO much (that it goes from the EAST~ to the WEST~). Ok speaking of VBS... I really miss doing my Friends For Sale skit ): and I RLY WANT TO MAKE A MUSICAL WITH IT HAHAHAHA.
We WILL. one fine day.

Anyway buddy pictures!

Of course we have many more la but this is my favourite... series HAHA.

and my room mates! I really like our nightly conversations and confessions ♥ *wiggles eyebrows* hahahaaha.

and uhm -clarification- we didn't stay in a nice suite during the whole trip as seen in the pictures ok! that was only the last night when we were in Tuguegarao CITY. Hahahaha.


and group photo w/ Taribubu COC ♥


Ok end of trip!

Papa and gerald kor2 came to fetch me from the airporttt and then we went to eat kwaychap!

and yesterday I met the fantuaobulous toowow people again for dinner & movie :D :D :D :D
Had dinner at burger king before watching........

Best movie ever srsly. The length of it is PERFECT (I cannot last through long movies hahaha) and not forgetting the storyline and graphics and THE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had supper after that at the food court before heading home~

Bye guyssssss I love you all ♥

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