9 November 2010

I believe in you.

Just because I felt like coming here to talk about the boring things that are currently happening in my life.
Who ever reads this anyway T_T

It was only a while ago when I was screaming D-17 D-17!
but now we only have nine more days before the boys step into this island.

clicknetworktv is holding this competition thingy and the 3 winners are going to be able to interview u-kiss personally.
honestly, I want to win this but if I do I don't have anything to ask besides hello, hello, do you know me? this is grace present.
LOL ok slapping self hard now.

chinese olvls are tomorrow!
I actually feel more prepared than I've ever had for any exam.
I'm all ready to tackle my 3.5 hours of exam.
If I had been this prepared when I took my oral and listening comprehension I might just have confidence to ace chinese -____-
but don't talk about oral -_-

I have no idea what's going to happen when U-KISS comes.
Either something very good is going to happen, or something bad is going to happen LOL. (by bad I mean nothing's gonna happen hehe)

I'm SO SCARED of seeing dongho.
then again I can't wait to see him -__-

Please come soon ):
Today was such a long long long day (ok actl i feel that it passed like whoosh)

Tomorrow I will COME HOME FROM SCHOOL and SLEEP all the way.
then on Thursday I will go to school the happiest girl (I just rmbed I made a resolution to be happy during our INTENSIVE REVISION period (aka now -_____-?)),
come home and use the computer and then go out for dinner? oh yeah oh yeah?
AGM yo.

I really can't wait for thursday.

bye now off to hunt for entry proof and chinese dictionary zzz.

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