24 November 2010


Heyyyyyy I'm almost at my 30th post.
This blog has existed for 5 months. which means I have 6 posts per month.

That is so much more than I thought.

Anyway I'm just here to talk to myself again (eh my fan account attracted quite a lot of attention but today only like 1 person (aka myself) came). oh yeahhhh.
I'm supposed to be working rn! Ok, work ends in about 7 minutes. I typed out 7 stacks already I don't want to type anymore nanananana~

WHYYY does my internet keep on running away?

Look at my new facebook DP! I think it's so nice and colourful and artistic~~~ laaaa.(<---- this = soohyun english)(so cute la~~~ beautiful la~~~)(cr: hyunniebb2 hehe)


Can't wait to go to Australia and shop till I die ♥_♥

Got to go for tuao prac later soooo I can't go and drink papaya soup later with the people ): I want to try papaya soup! Everyone's talking about it booooo.
but nvm hahaha I'm sure tuao will be fun.


abrupt endings forever hehe.

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