28 November 2010


Came back from lunch @ vivo a few hours earlier!
I don't really know why I'm here but ANYWAY.

I have so many things to do tonight T_T I actly thought of sleeping early but I still have VBS stuff to cut AND I TOTALLY FORGOT.
Shouldn't have started packing yet.

Anywayzzz I managed to find the harmonization for At The Beginning YEAHHHHHHHH.

Church in the morning and tuao team presentation @ 11!
Our singing was fine (: we may have gone off-key but kwahahaha I STILL LOVE EVERYBODY HAHAHA.
ok I think I sang too loudly nvm.

Went out for lunch with people at vivo and finally decided on what to buy for the homestay~

I feel like we did a million things lol but I can't think of anything ANYWAY

bye gonna cut stuff.
I DON'T FEEL LIKE CUTTING T__________________________________T

i'mk going to wake up tomorrow to cut.


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