14 November 2010

그만사라져~ 이제디써펼.

SO TIRED even though I just slept for like 4 hours ):

and D-4 WHAT ON EARTH? time flies too quickly but at the same time I can't waitttt either.
I need to rush the singlish pages out but I'm procrastinating like... how I usually do.

Motivation needs to hit me like it never hit anything else before right now cos my brain is fried from one whole year of school.
Not forgetting I have CCA AND extra extra lessons tomorrow.

ukissmeSG has been facing unreasonable haters who failed to sell as many tickets as us, created their own fanclub to get privileges (so obvious) despite knowing that ukissmeSG reigns (LOLOLOL).
Ok it's only two of them vs. the 1000s of us so... it's quite entertaining to watch them complain and try to hate in secret. But being U-KISS fans has helped up to excel in stalking people so they can't hide it.
WWW is truly WWW.

Anyway BBQ ytd was awesomez hehe.

Actly I didn't do anything but eat and sit on the.. thing and be a pig but that's ok.
HAHA. but tuao people are such an... inspiration hahaha.

I will never have enough inspiration to blog for more than 5 minutes.
I feel like sleeping but rn I'm dying and I need to complete the book pages.
and I'm not even thinking properly lalala.


I don't feel like doing the pages AGHHHHH.

bye bye searching for motivation.

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