12 September 2010

I can't fight this feeling anymore

And even as I wander, I'm keeping you in sight.
You're a candle in the window, on a cold, dark winter's night.

Quick post on sept holidays before qt!

This week has been really.. not productive. Ok that's what I feel? Although I think I probably did more work than most people. I didn't study study at all. and I think I have a bio test this week. oknvm.

Monday... was okay I guess. Went to school really moody :/ cos we had school until 4. during holidays. Boo. LOL anyway I managed to make myself happy (because I am Grace) during geography although the lesson was uh hehhe.

Didn't do ANYTHING on tuesday because I wanted a break I guess? LOL OKAY GRACE RUBBISH. I was lazy to do anything.
I think I just sat in front of the TV and the computer and wasted my whole life away.

I feel like I did a lot on wed and thurs but actly I only completed like two maths papers over the two days.
Maybe because I did the papers in front of the tv *cough*

Friday and Saturday were probably the best days of my holiday.

Careteam in the morning! We randomly took pictures again. I don't even know why we are so random. and we ate youtiao 8) and started on our new series! I think it's much better than bible study hahaha.

Macs for lunch by yanggin/lin 's mom hweehweehwee ♥
I was so full of cheeseburger after that.

Got a lift to joseph's house for tuao prac/sleepover.

We did ... usual stuff hahahahaha.

I wanted to do work when everyone else was playing games but nobody else was doing work I... uh :B
Wanted to do work again after bathing but nobody else was doing work AGAIANANANAD so I just went to sleep.

OHHHHHHH I got jabbed on both arms. I think I am fearless now. oknvm.

Woke up at like 0430 and stared at the other three sleeping. I couldn't get back to sleep ):
Washed up at like.. 6 LOL. and then while the rest were washing up at 7+ I fell asleep.
Why am I so amazing?

Went down for breakkkkfast and.. ate a lot of grapes.

Ok haha I'm getting very impatient with myself now I don't feel like typing.

Started on the suaku skit and ok la I have to admit I'm quite suaku (I just found out the meaning of suaku like.. on that day) although I cannot act for nuts.
My face was like :B/:P/c): during the whole thing.
It was kind of traumatising actually HAHA zzzzzzzzz.

anywayzzzzz glady's mom sent me all the way to the guard house 8)
so I didn't need to train home all the way from COMMONWEALTH.

Singapore is really huge.

Slacked all the way to 4 and went to qisu's house and ate a mountain.

Did another math paper.

Went to church this morning!
I love church haha.
It's so peaceful and happy in church.
Look at that man I keep talking like a mentally retarded person.

Lunch and then homeeee and did my chem paper which almost killed me.

Dinner at gimtim restaurant or something. I REALLY DON'T FEEL LIKE TYPING HOOHOOOHOOHOHOHOOOO.

back back back. finished my english news report thing.
I still have a like another whole paper to do but grace is really lazy now.
but I'm going to finish it still.
because grace is really cool now. (AGHGHGUHUHUGHGUHGGHGHGHH cannot stand self)

I actually like the fact that I'm practically the only one who reads this blog. Reading my own blog makes me smile. I only log good memories in here so it makes me happy.

Anywayyyyy I'm currently very happy and confused, which makes me look like a... retarded kid (I'm so sick of the word retarded seriously. but it's almost the only word to describe myself rn).

but life is good (:

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