1 September 2010


... this is a very NOT fruitful holiday.
Or "long holiday" as mrs poh calls it.
I am looking forward to the longest holiday ever next week.
-_- ):

6A + 1 6B gathering yesterday!

Considering how much I don't really like my class now, 6A makes me miss primary school sososososossoo much. Even though we are all in different schools now, we're all still the same ♥

When we started talking about how we made teachers cry (ok nothing to be proud off), how we threw paper balls all over the classroom, everybody's nicknames etc etcetc, I suddenly missed being in the same classroom and having lessons with these super smart but super cool people ):

6A people are the only people I can go out with and spend SOOOOOO much money without feeling because we only get to meet like twice a year ): (smart people are busy people *COUGH*)

anw yesterday was really fun! we do the same things every single time but it will always be fun.

Step Up 3D first, which was SUPER GOOD hahha.
when beggin' came on I was like smiling to myself.

I know 0 about dance so I obviously found the dances good. I always found cinemas uncomfortable idky -_- I was like sliding up and down my chair.
OH AND they gave me spoilt 3D glasses and refused to change them for me ): me and joey were like arguing with the man, then when I surrendered and accepted the fact that I just had to watch a green show this other guy went up and complained that everything was green too. HAHA.

Anyway I didn't watch a green show.

Went for dinner at Thai Express after that. Again.
I hope this isn't going to be a 6A+16B tradition because the food there is amazingly overpriced.

but we had so much fun (we probably annoyed a lot of people) I can't even remember how my tomyam tasted like.

Ok this were the people who were there for the whole dinner at least. The rest kind of.. disappeared during dinner and janice went back ):

Went to the playground place where we took a million pictures the previous time! It's officially the place where we collect all our memories and store them in... facebook.

Before we moved on to the group shots.
We were sitting in this weird circle talking about everything under the sun. Or moon. In this case.

I always seem to have pictures like these.

Group shots!
I srsly think our class is the only class that has boys who actually like taking pictures. They act all shy and girly when someone suddenly whips out a camera right in their faces but they will take a million group shots if you ask them to. HAHAHA.

See me no? I am behind claudia -_-

Girlz girls girls.

Shy boiiz. They had so much fun taking this! lolololol.

A for 6A!

Sorry for the ridiculous face. I was LOLing at something.

Look at our pretty staircase-to-foodjunction that we use all the time to take pictures LOL. Chermaine Joey and I tried to trick them TWICE but failed. TWICE. so they got -_-? and came down HAHAHA. This is according to height.
Shortest highest.

But I think hanying is lying.

... imageshack hurry up.
zzzz omg seriously it all failed to upload -_-
I'm all ready to strangle yellow frog now.



I hate talking to shenyang because he owns me in every single thing I say. (then again many people do. I r just keyboard warrior galz) I hope he doesn't see or his ego will soar.

I'm done my head belly painful nowz cuz imageshack berry irritatingeth.

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