9 August 2010


I actually heard of polyvore a long long time ago but I never ever really visited it before hehe.

Anyway went there a few days back and... you know.
Each outfit here costs like a few 100 dollars LOL.
everything here is something that I would wear if I had so yeah hehe there's no singlet without a jacket (besides the last one because I was rushing) because I don't wear sleeveless stuff for obvious reasons. As for the heels.

Feel free to insult my fashion sense.

I wanted to wear something like that for national day celebration in school (MINUS THE HEELS BUT LOAFERS and the shirt but with red stripes) but I had NDP and was all sweaty and smelly so I ended up just wearing my UKISSME.SG shirt heheh xD that and the fact that people in school think I wear pyjamas everywhere I go.

remember the time I just wore a DENIM SKIRT. DENIM. SKIRT. and they all went crazy -_- because "Grace is (was) wearing a skirt".

LOL ^ this was super rushed because I saw the hello kitty dr. martens and got too excited.


This is so random LOL.



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