29 August 2010


= Best Weekend Ever

This weekend has been the most fruitful weekend in my life ♥

Did flag day yesterday. Honestly, at the beginning I was totally zzzzzzz about it because I absolutely hate doing CIP (as much as I would like to love it) but yesterday TOTALLY changed my impression of flag day cos *cough* my can was heavy! Of course not compared to Janelleeeee :/ but it's the heaviest can I've ever collected! (ok I don't know how to phrase this lah. I didn't collect cans. I collected money. You know what I'm talking about).

I think it's mainly because I actly opened my mouth to talk to people? I think saying 'Thank You' to them even if they don't donate makes them feel guilty cos a LOT of them walked back to give money hahahahahaha *wiggles eyebrows*

I can see myself doing more flag days now wheeeee.


I kind of have a humongous butt. Or I look like I do here.

Todayyyyy was fun hahahaha.
I like singing hehe 8D although I don't do it very well but it makes me happy! ok I cannot stand myself anymore I'm so.. gay? I want to slap myself.

Church and then tuao prac! Nothing much but hahhaha it feels good to be in church for ~10 hours. I like the smell of church 8)

BUT CHURCH IS SO FARRRRR AWAY FROM HOMEEEEEEEEE but I'll never change churches because PP whooooooo.

Fat fat fat drama on Thursday that made me realize how... significant? (man my vocab suckzzz -_-) extra lessons are. LET'S PHRASE IT ANOTHER WAY. Made me realize that our teachers are really much more tired than we are and how we should totally make an effort to show that we appreciate them.
I really hope what happened on thursday has some benefits though.
I'm not going to say so much here lol it's not for the world to know -_-

LOTS of people are complaining of stress when Term 3 is practically over, we hardly have any homework, EOYs are still 4 weeks away and they obviously hasn't started, Grace finally has her pen refills (out of point) AND the teachers are obviously more stressed than us.


*slaps self again*

I've been saying this to too many people they think I'm saying it to console myself.

but srsly what's there to be so stressed about! (OKAY FINE SELF CONSOLATION) I always tell myself if I'm stressed now, what's going to happen in sec4, in JC, university, and when I finally go out to the uhm... real world to work. (ok la hopefully I get into all of that -_-)


Iylia: Graaaaaace I'm so tired of life.


sorrrrrry no pictures. I need to uh start taking pictures to make this space more interesting.... for myself to read and stop stealing pretty pictures from weheartit 8)

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