26 July 2010

Day 1 of trying to be nice and happy

failed like nobody's business LOL seriously :/

Me: Hi Hui En. Are you experiencing any hardships in life? I can encourage you.
Hui En: Why are you so weird?
Me: I'm just being nice!
Hui En: ..........I need more time.
Me: Why do you need more time?
Hui En: I'm tired.
Me: You should sleep more!
Hui En: I sleep a lot already!
Me: THAT'S why you don't have time.

... you see.

and during CCA I was being annoying. I really need to stop teasing Hannah and shut up already LOL.

Anyway cotton on is starting to sell REALLY nice but REALLY expensive clothes and it makes me feel sad.
No no no no no non on on ono nononono.

on the other hand I msged a few people and mended a few relationships.
It's almost impossible for me to do this in real life :/ I express myself so much better through the computer/my handphone.

Message someone everyday! (: the replies really make you feel good. and it will definitely make the person receiving it feel better too.

Have a blessed week!

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