27 June 2010


"I love U-KISS but I really don't like Dongho. Yeah he's the maknae but his aegyo... god it's revolting. He's rude and disrespectful to his hyungs too... I don't hate. Hate is too strong a word." -anonymous

but I like you just the way you are Dongho Shin, because you aren't afraid to show your irritating self. I love your fail aegyo, the way you act pro when you sing, how you always ~fail~ in variety shows when they ask for you to show them a talent. I love how you are just weird like that.

When I first liked U-KISS, my favourite was this guy. *points down*

of course I thought U-KISS was going to be like the other boy bands:

then one fine day, I was looking through the U-KISS soompi thread, and this guy caught my attention. Of course, again I thought I wouldn't like him for long.

(there's a whole series of photos but i cut it hhaha here.)

I only liked dongho right before they came to Singapore in 2008.
When they came, I admit I was like a zombie (oops).
I was the only dongho fan in the big crowd there. I bought a pink rabbit for dongho at the airport tgt with sister

(on behalf of sister, ignore her fail spelling of al-lek-san-deo)

I don't know what made me so sure that even with the barricades I would be able to give my pink rabbit to dongho though. I remembered when 5 of them walked past I was like "omg.... T-T" but then I looked up and saw Alexander and just smacked (yes smacked T0T) the rabbit on his shoulder (I'm glad it was at least soft :/).

Basically, I was a zombie (if you know what I'm talking about LOL) in 2008, like any other fan now.

That was my very first... "interaction" with any star. I wasn't a hardcore fan or anything, I just liked dongho I guess.

When ukissmeSG was created, that was when I really became a fan.
Without ukissmeSG, I can't help but feel that I wouldn't be a U-KISS fan now. because of ukissmeSG, I have made so many good friends and memories, like our trip to Korea in December 2009 (7 months ago, but it feels like it was just a month ago)(photos here hehe)

All the odeng, banana milk (seoul milk that dongho is going to advertise for LOL), shin ramyun, onigiri for breakfast, onigiri for lunch, onigiri for teatime, onigiri while waiting for U-KISS, onigiri for supper, staying up till 4am just to make the welcome book for Kiseop, ant falling sick, crying during Inkigayo and fanmeeting, freezing outside in the cold just to see U-KISS, always getting cut off halfway when getting into fanmeeting or Inkigayo because we are not official Kiss Me, and our hearts going pit-a-pat ♥

and then after Not Young came bring it back 2 old school. This was when U-KISS lost SO many fans, but I love 나가좋아 and nothing's gonna change my love for it~.
Halfway through Dongho started to gain popularity, with

At that time I hated how he was becoming popular and how he was changing so much, from someone who used to feed milk to his toy dogs to someone who knew how to talk back to his hyungs, but over time I realised that dongho was like me.

Maybe through him I will learn, hopefully, to be less judgmental and stuff, because no one is perfect and I am far far far from perfect. Besides, he's a star and once he creates that image for himself, he's going to have to stick to it. He may seem rude and idiotic at times but I believe he must be pretty awesome if he is able to be so successful at this age.

"Believe me, things will be cuter hehe With that I will work hard to overcome my shyness heh" -dongho

You've done it dongho shin. Even though you're still awkward on stage while singing (cough cough EOtR cough) and you still slouch and bite your nails and 멍~ on stage, you're DEFINITELY no longer shy. Proud of you HAHA. (really!)


When MMHN was released last year, I wasn't very happy that U-KISS was becoming so popular and gaining so many fans (being the selfish me I am) but then after hearing that if MMHN wasn't successful all of you would be "at home eating tangerines",I was so happy that MMHN was successful. The only reason why U-KISS still exists ♥

Nothing much changed from MMHN>BGBG>MRG except for my growing love for U-KISS (OMG CHEESE).

This time they were in Singapore, though our stalking failed and our van wasn't really used for stalking but for our own transport purposes,it was when I realised how much I love U-KISS and how I am willing to protect them with everything I have. I don't remember hurting at all during the mess at the airport, I don't remember what it felt to have people squashing me all over the place, I don't remember what it felt like to have people hurling vulgarities at me. All I had in mind was to protect U-KISS because it's the least we can do.

I was so happy to see them go back to Korea because I don't want to see them hurt and I hope they don't ever step foot into this "Sunny Island" anymore.

I was SO touched my Kevin, Alexander, Kibum and Soohyun at the airport I don't know what to say. Despite the whole mess the fans created at the airport, despite all the fans touching and scratching and throwing gifts at their heads, they were still so thankful. Where else do you find such good people? They didn't mind when fans disrupted their shopping, they didn't mind when they had to practically crawl into the lift at the hotel, they didn't mind when zombies knocked on their doors at the hotel.

All the money and time I've spent on them and all the tears I've shed because of them have been worth it and I'm just going to continue loving U-KISS with all my heart each day ♥

Call me ridiculous, but the boys' bodies are just as important as my own. Whatever I can do to protect myself, I will do to protect U-KISS (obviously if they fall sick or something I can't carry them to the hospital in Korea or send them medicine la, but.... just being cheesy. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Anyway, back to my original topic of Dongho Shin,

I love you just the way you are, everyone has people who don't like them. Continue being the lovely brat you are who can pull off any look. Continue being the guy who's always in your own world and can't be bothered by fans, the guy who does practically z-e-r-o fan service, the guy who does selective fan service. Continue being the desperate teenager you are. Continue being the Dongho Shin that everybody knows.

......... out of cheese.

I shall end off with my favourite photo ever.

The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

We should be happy together. Forever, you and I~~~~~~ *scrunches up face, places hand at wrong place, lifts up one leg and bends down*

0247♥s you 62405!

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